Choosing the right hob, according to your needs, has never been easier!

We offer a wide range of models, sizes and colours of practically equipped hobs. Now, cooking can be even more enjoyable. Induction hobs provide fast, safe and economic cooking. Flexi Space creates a significantly larger heating surface, whilst Booster function makes cooking faster and Child Lock ensures you keep your youngest safe. Every aspect of our gas hobs is designed for comfort, efficiency and durability, from the knbos to the easy-to-clean function and stable cast iron supports. The auto reiginition and flame saftey valve increases the safety of working with gas. Your saftey and the environment is our priority. We respect the environment.suing specially ,ade glass from aleading German producer-SCHOTT CERAN which guarantees that our glass hobs are manufactured without the use of arsenic or heavy metals.


Induction hobs
Fast,saf and economic cooking.

  • Safety

    Your children will never manage to switch on
    the hob on their own, and the heating zones
    will not turn on before a vessel is placed on
  • Plug&play

    Just find the nearest socket,plug in and start
    cooking The first induction hob that does not
    require a three-phase 400 V power supply-it
    only needs a standard 230 V socket.
  • Comfort

    The induction hob surface does not heat up
    during operation,so even if food boils over, it
    will not burn or stick. Now it is easler to keep
    the hob clean and enjoy the beautiful

Induction hobs
Fast,saf and economic cooking.

  • Innovative technology

    A new type of inductor which has been applied in hobs provides a larger heating zone.
  • Square heating Zones

    Thanks to new inductors,heating takes place on entire square zones, It means that the entire hob surface can turn into a heating surface.
  • Many pots

    This solution permits you to use many pots on the hob at the same time, which makes food preparation considerably faster and more comfortable.

Induction hobs equipped with Flexi Space have been designed to optimise the cooking suface. Square inductors make heating zones connect, creating a bigger heating surface. As a result, the entire hob turns into a single cooking surface. This is useful for cooking with several pans simultaneously and accommodating unusually shaped cookware.

Bevelled edges


Put a pot on the heating zone
and appropriate sensors will be
activated automatically.

Preset cooking

Three most frequently used
cooking programmes available
at a click.


Pause cooking and store all
your settings with the Stop&Go
function, resume cooking with
one click.

4 x Booster

Allows you to increase the
heating power in the zone, so
that meals are prepared quickly.

Residual heat indicator

Alerts you that the heating zone
remains hot even though it has
been switched off .

Child Lock

Prevents children
from turning on
the appliance.


You can set the cooking time
for each individual part
of your hob.

Bridqe function

The Bridqe function makes
it possible to combine two
heating zones and control
them simultaneously.

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