Ask: Cleaning the range hood steps ?

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1. First cut off the power supply of the range hood to ensure personal safety.

2. The surface of the outer casing of the range hood and the net cover are scrubbed with a soft cloth dampened with a small amount of warm water with a neutral detergent. Dry with a dry soft cloth.

3, the wheel and the volute cavity wash and wash:

(1) Unscrew the cover of the net cover and the net cover, and remove the cover and the net cover.
(2) Then unscrew the fastening screw of the wind wheel and take out the wind wheel.
(3) Soak the removed parts in warm water with a neutral detergent, wash them with a soft cloth, and dry them.
(4) Wipe the dirt in the inner cavity of the volute with a soft cloth with a small amount of warm water with a neutral detergent. Wash with a soft cloth and dry.
(5) Install the above components in the reverse order of disassembly.
(6) After installation, check whether the oil path of the appliance is smooth and whether the seal on the volute can be sealed.

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