Ask: Does the induction cooker produce radiation ?

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The induction cooker adopts the heating principle of magnetic field induced current (also called eddy current). The induction cooker generates an alternating magnetic field through the components of the electronic circuit board. When the furnace surface is placed at the bottom of the iron containing pot, the pot is cut by alternating magnetic lines of force. The metal part at the bottom of the pot produces alternating current (ie, eddy current). The eddy current causes the iron molecules of the pot to move at high speed and irregularly. The molecules collide with each other and rub to generate heat energy, which will generate certain radiation when used. During the process of heating the cooker in the process of heating the cooker body, a part of the electromagnetic radiation will be emitted from the cooker body through the pot body, thus generating leakage electromagnetic radiation. This part of the heating of the heating pot in the induction cooker will not cause harm to the human body, but the leakage radiation of the induction cooker will cause damage to the human body. The amount of leakage from the induction cooker depends on the power of the induction cooker and the quality of the induction cooker. The induction cooker uses electromagnetic waves to heat the cookware. Even if the leakage ratio of the induction cooker is small, the leaked electromagnetic radiation still causes harm to the human body.

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