Ask: How large is the exhaust volume of a household range hood ?

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1. The amount of exhaust air is too small: the speed of pumping out the soot is quite slow, and the soot has spread to the surrounding area. Generally speaking, the range hood of less than 14 cubic meters is too small, it is not recommended to buy, and as the frequency of use increases, the suction of the range hood will gradually weaken.

2, the amount of exhaust air is too large: direct performance will take away the surrounding oxygen and have an impact on the flame, and it will take away the heat of the stove, which is even worse. Generally, if it exceeds 20 cubic meters, it is too much exhaust air. It is not recommended to buy it~~

3, according to the test experience of the major brand smoke machine merchants for many years: the exhaust volume of 15 to 18 cubic meters is the most suitable for users. In the case of less noise, choose the larger the exhaust volume, the better. But don't exceed 18 cubic meters.

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